Re-Opening as Lockdown Restriction Ease

Well we know of some churches who are meeting in their buildings again. We know of others that think it will be another year before they do!
With the relaxing of lockdown we are considering when we will be able to start to use our building again and what might be possible. The deacons will be discussing and praying about this again very soon but there are three immediate challenges that spring to mind and we want to ask you to pray about.

The first challenge is that the rules for various activities are complicated and extensive; for example once a cloth chair has been used it must then be quarantined for three days before anyone else can sit on it; under 5 year olds must be looked after by their parents or carers only and not crèche or Sunday School leaders; there would no singing allowed during services and so on.

The second challenge is that ours is a multi-use building. If we decided to open for Sunday mornings only life would be simpler than starting multiple activities. With various church and other groups using the same space as they normally would do the challenges would be increased dramatically and deciding what to start or allow and when is not necessarily obvious.

The third challenge is for us to not rush back. Risk Assessments and all of that aside we should take time to pray, think and plan ahead. Doing church in lockdown has not been easy and we must think about what we could do more than what we think we should do.