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We are currently holding all of our Sunday services on Zoom.


Please contact for details.


Our Sunday worship services are normally every Sunday morning at 10:30am. We also hold Sunday evening communion services on the third Sunday of the month.


Sunday mornings at CCB attract around 70 to 80 people each week of all ages. We offer a range of activities for young people - please click here to be taken to our youth work page for further information.


Morning services are normally around 75 minutes in length. This is what a typical service looks like:


Welcome & Notices

Opening prayer and song

Short All Age Talk & Song

Children leave main service for various small groups

Songs of Worship

Bible reading


Songs of Worship


Closing Song


The music at Christ Church is best described as 'blended' worship - we have a band and sing mostly contemporary songs as well as an organ that we use occasionally for some of the more traditional songs.


We do not pass an offering plate around during our services and there is absolutely no pressure to give to the church. If you want to make a donation to the work of the church as an offering to God, there are plates in the foyer as you enter the church by the main doors. Alternatively, you can give online via our Stewardship page.


Twice a month we serve breakfast from 9.45 - 10.15.  Coffee & Tea are usually served at the end of the service in the small hall, adjacent to the main church. These are both great opportunities to catch up with and get to know new people from the area.

Sunday Evenings

We usually hold an informal communion service on the third Sunday of each month.  Check service details for specific dates.


Jesus told his followers to remember him with bread & wine as symbols of his death on the cross. The new life we have in Jesus comes at a cost to him and a commitment from us. Communion reminds us of the centrality of the cross of Jesus for real change in our lives and our world.

We share communion which for us is ordinary bread and non-alcoholic wine on the 1st Sunday morning and 3rd Sunday Evening each month. Two or three times a year we share All Age Communion where children have the opportunity to find out more about and be part of this important aspect of our life together.

Coming Up ...

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8 November - When You Pray


1 November - Exodus 12


25 October - Hallowe'en


18 October - Ephesians 6


11 October - What's So Special About Jesus?


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27 September - The Kingdom of God is ...


20 September - God Our Rock in a World of Change


30 August - All Age Talk- Worship and Play


23 August 2020 - Waiting Practically


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9 August 2020 - Waiting with Purpose


2 August 2020 - Waiting with Jesus


26 July 2020 - Malachi:  Are We Nearly There Yet?


19 July 2020 - Out of Exile:  Zechariah


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5 July 2020


28 June 2020 - Bearing One Another’s Burdens


21 June 2020 - Father's Day - We Need More Men in the Church


7 June 2020 - The Power of the Cross


31 May 2020 - Are We Dangerous Enough at CCB?


24 May 2020 - A Prayer of Hope


17 May 2020 - A Prayer for Home


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19 April 2020 - Mark 16: 7 - 8


29 March 2020 - I Feel a Bit Like Jesus


22 March 2020 - Is This Really Happening?